DTales’ mission is to develop innovative gaming experiences across a wide number of platforms through its proprietary C++ framework and third-party engines - so far the studio has tackled projects on home consoles, portable gaming devices, tablets, smartphones, PCs and Web browsers.

Over the years, DTales has collaborated with established developers and publishers, but has also self-funded and self-published a few mobile games which topped iOS, Android and Windows Phone charts worldwide, while totaling over 30M downloads cross-platform and garnering 2 Drago d’Oro Awards (Best Italian Indie Game, Best Tech) and a Game Connection Asia Selected Projects nomination.

We are now exploring digital console gaming and virtual reality...

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest Racing


DTales’ Racing DNA is rooted in each team member’s background: both the management and the core staff have worked on multi-platform racing hits, such as Superbike and MotoGP. Everything, from physics to track design, is based on years of proven successes

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Areas of Interest Action/Adventure


The key ingredients of good action and adventure games are appealing character design and engaging script writing with the addition of fun interactivity elements. DTales’ skills in this field come from a long-time experience in interactive narrative and advertising

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Areas of Interest Special Projects

Special Projects

DTales develops custom software tools and interactive applications for every need, including multi-touch surfaces and video installations for museums or points of sale, B2B cross-platform apps and advergames

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Press Coverage, Events & Awards

Digital Tales’ Awards

Battleloot Adventure
Award: “Best Italian Indie Game”

SBK14 Official Mobile Game
Award: “Best Tech”

Digital Tales in the press and the media

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