Breathtaking challenges and unique thrills riding official Ducati motorbikes in a graphically stunning 3D racing game supporting the Retina display.

Wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, overtaking, high speed and steering precision make Ducati Challenge a must-have game for Ducati and motorbike fans alike.

Speed and fun on two wheels, in the palm of your hand!

Key features

  • sharp 3D graphics on iPhone/iPad and Sony PSP;
  • incredible speed sensation;
  • original and varied tracks;
  • spectacular camera angles;
  • customizable handling system (Arcade vs. Simulation);
  • advanced AI behaviors challenging players up to the finish line;
  • accelerometer controls (lean your device to lean the bike);
  • iPod Library support: listen to your own music while playing on iPhone/iPad;
  • Game Center support (iOS)

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Available on the App Store
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Official Ducati Bikes
Ride the most powerful standard models in Ducati's line, including:
  • Monster 1100 EVO
  • Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP
  • Diavel Carbon
  • Multistrada 1200 S
  • Streetfighter S
  • Superbike 1198 SP
  • Multistrada Pikes Peak
  • Diavel Cromo
  • Superbike 1199 Panigale S
The roar of every single engine was recorded live to offer all Ducati fans an immersive experience.
Original And Varied Tracks
Fast race tracks, winding mountain roads, narrow medieval village streets, bustling metropolises and hot desert valleys will make the perfect locations for breathtaking challenges, where you can safely unleash all the power of Ducati's awesome bikes.
Single-player Mode
  • CHAMPIONSHIP: competitions of increasing difficulty and challenges (including qualifying rounds to set the starting grid).
  • QUICK RACE: pick your ride, track, number of laps and difficulty level and just jump into the race. More tracks and bikes will be unlocked as you progress through the championship mode.
Multiplayer Mode (iOS only)
Challenge your friends in the Wi-Fi Multiplayer Mode with races for up to 4 players.
Different camera angles
In-game camera angles convey all the thrills of high speed racing on two wheels. Opt for a standard third person view or the amazing first person view.
Easy handling
Thanks to the customizable handling system (including steering sensitivity control), Ducati Challenge offers user-friendly controls for players of all levels, ranging from beginners to experts. You can choose between arcade and simulation settings to get the best performance out of your device.


Once iTunes has downloaded Ducati Challenge it will appear on your device and can be played by tapping on the Ducati Challenge icon on your device.
You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.
  • Navigation through all menus is made by pressing a menu item once with your finger.
  • To dismiss a pop-up text box, touch the OK button on the screen.
  • Typically the "back" button at the bottom left of the screen exits the current screen and returns you to the previous screen.
  • To navigate within the BIKE SELECT or CIRCUIT SELECT screens tap the Left or Right Arrows. Alternatively you can swipe with your finger in the desired direction. Navigating in Galleries or Achievements works in the same way.
  • Confirm your selections by pressing the Select button.
How to Play
  • Steering uses your device's accelerometer. Tilt your device left and right to steer your bike (tune the sensibility in SETTINGS).
  • To brake or reverse, touch or hold the left side of the screen. The longer you hold it down the more powerful the brake becomes.
  • Tap the Right side of the screen to accelerate. The longer you hold it down the more powerful the acceleration becomes.
Game Modes
  • In Championship Mode you will play 3 different Championship with increased difficulty and challenges number.
  • In Quick Challenge you have access to circuits and bikes that have been unlocked by winning Championship Challenges. You can take part in a single Race. Quick Challenge is a great way to improve your lap times for the Championship Races.
  • In Multiplayer Mode you will run a race against 3 opponents Wi-Fi connected.
New Circuits and Bike Models

As you play through the Championships (EASY, MEDIUM, HARD) you will unlock additional Circuits and Bikes Models to play in Quick Challenge and Multiplayer mode.

Image Galleries

As you play through the Championships (EASY, MEDIUM HARD) you will unlock Bikes Image Galleries. You can view unlocked Galleries in the EXTRA menu.


Achievements are unlocked for completing certain goals in the game. A popup will appear to inform you that an achievement has been unlocked. Achievements can be viewed in the EXTRA menu with clues to help you unlock them all.

  • The HUD or Heads Up Display shows you important information during a race including your race position, number of laps completed and Total Race time among others.
  • The mini-map shows your position on the Circuit in relation to the start/finish line and other racers.
  • The Speedometer shows your current road speed use this to help you judge cornering.
  • Accelerate and tilt up the device to perform a wheelie.
  • Brake and tilt down the device to perform a stoppie.
  • Tap the camera icon to change camera view.
  • Tap the mini-map to Pause the game during a race.
  • Turn indicators are displayed when you approach a turn - The colour indicates the difficulty of the turn.
  • See HELP in OPTIONS for more information about controls for the bike driven.
  • Enable or disable the helps for a good drive in the SETTINGS section of the MENU.
  • Enter the Records ranking in Quick Challenge game mode for each circuit to see the best time to beat.
  • Choose in SETTINGS the Graphic Quality you prefer (low, medium, high) for your device best performance.
  • Select in SETTINGS if activate the assisted brake (auto), have only an advice or help diabled.
  • Hold brake when you see the brake warning sign (warning). It will appear when you approach a corner too fast.